Welcome to Tankworld...

  • Island of oblivion...
    Defeat all enemies on the island...
  • The Bucan missile crisis...
    Let's find some weapons of mass destruction!
  • 60 Second shooting range
    Can you capture the flag in less than 60 seconds?
  • The fields
    Conquer all bridges...

New features...

The level editor is now also available in the WebGL version.

Tankworld editor WebGL

New items...

Serveral new items have been added to the engine:
  • A friendly tank which help you conquer levels
  • Palm trees
  • A gas pipe obstacle
Tankworld editor WebGL

About Tankworld

Like to blow stuff up? Tankworld is the place to be! There are lots of levels to explore.

Tankworld is a HTML5 game. It only uses the capabilities of the modern browser. You don't need any plugin to play this game.

Air strike highscores...


Don't forget to sign in before you start if you want to save your score...
Let's play!


Tank World is without doubt the most impressive HTML5 game we at Casual Girl Gamer have seen.
Read more at www.casualgirlgamer.com...

TankWorld is a stunning tank game with 3D graphics. It was created with HTML5 and the Open Web Platform.
Read more at html5games.com...

Customize your tank and helicopter...

When you're signed in you can select the colors of your tank, helicopter and mines...

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Tankworld runs best in Chrome or Opera. If you use Firefox it's best to use the lowest graphics detail setting.
See my Experiment on ChromeExperiments.com

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Tankworld Arena

The beta version of the tankworld multiplayer server is here. The code isn't production ready yet but we've been testing it on a local network for a couple of weeks now and it works fine!

The server is programmed in Javascript and runs in NodeJS. You can download the full source of the server.

Read more on the multiplayer page about setting up your own server...
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